Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Random Topics, Part 2

Today, I'm talking about more random things.  If I ever want to maintain some sort of blog posting schedule, I have to start with writing when the mood strikes, even if I don't have a particular topic.

1.  After last week's -52ºC, today's weather feels tropical!  My head does not like it one bit though, it throbs every time I move.

2.  For my birthday in December, we had a 1920's themed party - here's me and the husband, hamming it up:

I was hoping for more Gatsby-fication, but sometimes you just have to be grateful you have good friends who show up, whether or not they dressed up.  I'll have to dig up some more pictures - I'm pretty proud of the decorations!

3. GAME. OF. THRONES. *dies* I read the books before I got into the series, and I just finished season two. I have less than a month to finish season 3 before season 4 starts, along with the stuff already happening in April.  I have many favourite characters, but I think my favouritest (yes, that's a word) is Daenerys.  Mother of Dragons, bitches!

4.  Things happening in April:
  • My Accounting course deadline, including the final exam
  • Air Cadets Field Training Exercise weekend for the kid (it means Mom has to help him pack his kit)
  • My son's 14th birthday (this includes two celebrations - one family, one friends - on different weekends)
  • My son's TWO hip hop competitions (different weekends, one being on his birthday)
  • Moving from one house to another mid-month (of course there's packing, cleaning, unpacking, organizing, moving utilities, arranging movers, etc. to deal with)
  • Calgary Comic Expo (which I have to send my husband to without me *sob* - I'll be at a hip hop competition with the kid)
  • Easter/Easter break (kid will be at his dad's for the week, but I'll have to drive him back and forth to the bus [3 hours each way] which puts a big dent in my available "doing stuff" time, nevermind the gas budget)
  • Mamma Mia! with friends (tickets are pretty reasonable when you buy for a group of 10 people!)
5.  Once May hits, we have to get the trailer out of storage, de-winterized and ready to roll for May long weekend.  I have a serious case of cabin fever, and I can't wait to NOT sleep on the ground!

Not anymore - we bought a trailer in February!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Little Friday Link-Up

Linking up today with Ashley from The Grits Blog!  These link-ups are really helping me get back into the blogging groove.

The Grits Blog
I swear the link-up button is here, I can see it!  It's in the preview!  But it's not on the blog.  *cry*

This isn't where I live, but it's close, and I was there visiting a friend on the COLDEST DAY IN ETERNITY.  Just thinking about it makes my face hurt.  -52ºC??  WTF WEATHER.

But when you live in this part of Canada and the temps get insane, you can just invest in a big furry parka and take cute pictures of yourself.

My husband makes the best Eggs Benedict I've ever had - and it only took SIX YEARS for him to make them for me.  I didn't have a clue he could cook something so fancy!  I can cook almost anything, but I've never poached an egg.  And yes, those are the most perfectly crisp tater tots.  *drool*

And this is the present someone left on my desk last week... WTF?  I don't even eat popcorn on a regular basis, and no one will 'fess up.

That's all the random I have for today!