Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It Was Bound To Happen...

I injured myself at Zumba! 

Now don't ask me what I did exactly, cause it felt just fine while I was shaking my thang, but by the time I went to bed, it was aching.  Woke up yesterday morning, and I can barely bend my knee - it doesn't seem swollen, but there is a shooting pain through the middle.  Anyways, skipped the gym yesterday, and will stick to doing hand weights at home until it's 100% again.  You don't want to mess with knee pain!

In other Zumba related news, the gym has added two more classes a week, which means I can get my groove on 4 to 5 times a week.  Is that insane?  Am I addicted?  Perhaps.  But cardio is cardio!

Someone at work has started a 'Spring Into Action' weight loss challenge, which starts next Tuesday.  It's $50 to enter, and the final weigh in is July 25th.  I'm joining as this could be the motivation I need to stay on track with my eating.  I don't have any problems going to the gym (minus the injury thing), but it's REALLLLY hard to say no to chocolate cream cheese on a bagel (why did I even buy that??  I could eat it with a spoon, straight from the container!)  This week, I'm going to work on a menu plan that hits around 1500 calories a day.  Of course, I will put in some wiggle room for things like vacations (I have 2 coming up before the final weigh in) and parties (um, yup, there's a few of those... hello gin and tonics!)

So far, this blog has been all weight-loss related.  I didn't plan that, it's just what's forefront in my brain these days.  For a change of pace, here's some news about my weekend!

On Friday, my son Ben is coming for spring break.  He lives with his dad about 5 hours away - we share custody, and Ben asked to try living with his dad for a while - so it's not very often that I get to see him.  I'm super excited to have a whole 10 days with him!

Friday night, my friends are having a Hawaiian themed dinner party, which required dressing up.  I don't have anything particularly Hawaiian, but I do have some summer clothes I can pull out.  As long as I wear some bright colours and shorts or a skort, I should be good - oooo, I should put a flower in my hair!  Done.

Saturday is RIHANNA!  Four of my friends are coming from out of town, plus my husband, son and some local friends, so there's a total of 10 of us.  After the concert, we're going out dancing for my friend's birthday (I haven't been to a club in Calgary for, umm... years?), then we're getting a limo home.  I love that it's the same price for an 8 person limo as it is to take 2 cabs back to my place!

Easter Sunday means I MUST. NOT. EAT. ALL. THE. CHOCOLATE.  Maybe just one, but that's it.  Mmmm, Reese's peanut butter egg...


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Monday, March 11, 2013


What a crazy weekend.  I'm exhausted.  I shall return with a real post shortly.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Nope, still terrible at titles.

*drumroll*  Now it's time for.... results from last week!

Last week's fitness goals - RESULTS:
  • Zumba tonight!! *dance dance* Also, Saturday morning. - CHECK!
  • Complete my trainer's strength workout twice. - Sad face - only did it once.
  • Add at least 20 minutes of cardio to the strength training days. - CHECK!  Did 30 minutes of the "heart intervals" setting on the treadmill.
This week's fitness goals:

Follow this schedule:
    • Monday - Zumba
    • Tuesday - Rest day
    • Wednesday - workout with my trainer
    • Thursday - Butts and Gutts (keep repeating the mantra "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger")
    • Friday - Zumba

 Last week's food goals - RESULTS:
  • Stick to my meal plan - CHECK!!  Although any benefits gained were negated by my vodka intake on Saturday night, and the subsequent post-drinking greasy egg and bacon bagel on Sunday morning.
  • Protein shakes for breakfast, while being aware of the amount of fruit in them (sugar) - CHECK!  This was actually a lot easier than I thought, so I'm keeping up with it.
  • Create a menu for next week - CHECK!
  • Complete all food prep on Sunday - I did some prep on Monday, since we were at a hockey game on Sunday night.  I'll call it a pass.
This week's food goals:
  • As always, stick to my meal plan!
  • Week 2 of protein shakes for breakfast.
  • Create a menu for next week.
  • Complete all food prep on Sunday.
  • Start planning weekend food as well as work days.

 Click to embiggen!

Notes:  Monday has already passed, so I updated it to show what I actually ate.  I had a crazy morning at work, plus I didn't plan well the night before, so I skipped breakfast and had a bunch of random stuff for lunch.  The purpose of the 4 PM snack is to fuel me for the gym, so if I'm not doing that, I don't have a snack (especially before sushi, nom!)  Friday is my day off, and I'm going out of town, so I don't know what I'll be having for lunch or dinner yet.

What I like best about having a blog that no one really reads is that I don't have to worry about a posting schedule - I just do what I want.  It's nice for me to see everything laid out "on paper" so I can tell where I need to work harder.

Since this was a long post, I'm going to wait until next time to tell you about the rest of my week.  Pins and needles, amiright?